ZBL-P8000 Wireless Foundation Pile Dynamic Detector

Field of use:By using the reflected wave method, the apparatus is used to assess the integrality of concrete pile and identify the extent and location of the pile defect. It can be used for testing perfusion pile and hammer pile. It can also be used for testing the exposed top surface of constructions such as pillars.
Configurations:Wireless sensorPADHammer
New wavelet analysis and processing technique, effective extraction of the pile bottom reflection signal; Real-time automatic processing of the testing waveform (smoothing, integral, filtering wave, index, linear magnification, etc.); Sign

Parameter Specification
Amplifier frequency band  1~10k (Hz)
A/D resolution 24 bit A/D
Sampling time intervals 6.4μs~1638.4μs
Maximum length of sampling ≥2048
Amplitude nonlinear degree ≤10%
Dynamic range ≥144 (dB)
Error of time indication ≤1%
Gain error ≤1dB%
Transducer sensitivity ≥100 mV/g (Acceleration Mode)
Amplifier frequency range 0.59000 Hz
Battery Operating Time >5 hours
Power lithium battery
Total weight Approx 0.34kg
Fixed point magnification 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32,64
Controller PDA with sunlight viewable touchscreen display
Data Storage Yes
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