Sichuan 20 highway project from December onwards public investment

2016-12-04 14:58:09
Contracted highway PPP project total size of more than 100 billion yuan
Sichuan province "of cooperation between government and social capital projects promotion and signing ceremony, the signing of government and social capital cooperation projects 44, a total investment of 158 billion 815 million yuan, mainly relates to the field of transportation and environmental protection, and the highway PPP signed the agreement (the cooperation between government and social capital) the total size of more than 100 billion yuan, showing the government attaches great importance to environmental protection and infrastructure. These projects will be located in Chengdu City, Panzhihua City, 10 city and Deyang city (state), 21 counties in Hejiang county and Jiangyou city (city, district).
Including Chengdu related 44 projects: Chengdu Avenue IT modern tram project, Chengdu Tianfu District first sewage treatment plant and Chengdu Science City Ecological Water Environment Engineering, G0511 line to Dujiangyan Deyang expressway construction project etc..
Chengdu IT Avenue Hyundai tram project officially signed, means that this rail traffic will accelerate the pace of construction. It is understood that the project is expected to start next month, from the west railway station, PiXian West Railway Station and the station finally red, 2018 is expected to achieve traffic operation.
Around the new airport to build 4 high-speed highway project
Sichuan Provincial Communications Department Director Peng Lin also focused on the introduction of the 20 highway PPP project in Sichuan, with a total mileage of 2182 km, with a total investment of $307 billion 300 million. Which around the new airport highway, Sichuan to build 4 highway projects, 438 km, $64 billion 900 million, these projects centered in Chengdu, outward radiation or around. "
The design of Chengdu new airport expressway is 8 lane, 89 km, 18 billion yuan at the same time, Ziyang will also have a direct access to Chongqing Tongnan Expressway (110 km, 13 billion 200 million yuan), both in a line on the map, after the completion of the connection between the Chengdu Tianfu New Area, Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area quick access to the most convenient passage, will further strengthen the Chengdu Chongqing economic circle radiation dual core poles of the leading role.
Another is the Chengdu three round Pujiang to Dujiangyan (118 km, 17 billion 500 million yuan), the project through the connection of Western Chengdu rich tourism resources, including Dujiangyan, Xiling Snow Mountain and other scenic spots, the road will be bundled with the new Chengdu Airport Expressway investment.
At the same time, to strengthen the ties between Chengdu and Yibin, to build a route to Yunnan from Chengdu to Sichuan channel, Yibin will build a 121 km, 16 billion 200 million yuan for highway, the highway is our high standards of planning, two-way six lane. "Peng Lin introduced it to strengthen economic ties between Chengdu and South Sichuan Economic Zone Economic Zone, also has an important significance for the development strategy along the Yangtze River economic belt, into the national road.
Connecting Chengdu and Panxi economic zone along the Yangtze River
Yibin to Panzhihua will also build a highway, specifically divided into the new town, Yibin to Jinyang to Jinyang, Pingshan new to southern Ningxia, Ningnan to Panzhihua and other 4 projects, Pingshan new Panzhihua section has been incorporated into the national "comprehensive transportation corridor planning of the Yangtze River Economic Belt".
This highway along the layout of Jinsha River, Chengdu economic zone is an important channel connecting Panxi economic zone. "Peng Lin said, after the completion of the formation of Chinese southwest economic corridor along the Jinsha River highway and waterway integrated transport channel, to The Belt and Road into the national development strategy, promoting has important strategic significance in Panxi resources development and poverty alleviation drive.
In order to connect the big Shangri-La tourism belt, Sichuan will also build Xichang to Zhaotong (181 km, $29 billion 500 million), Xichang to Shangri-La (177 km, 26 billion 400 million yuan) highway. Another is the Barkam Expressway (224 km long, 28 billion 700 million yuan), Sichuan to Qinghai, Xinjiang, Tibet, docking Silk Road Economic Belt, is an important channel to Central Asia, West Asia and europe.
New airport at the end of high-speed public investment
Peng Lin introduced the PPP highway project preparatory work, 20 projects have been mature, in accordance with the work plan, the new airport expressway, Chengdu three around Pujiang to Dujiangyan, Ziyang to Tongnan and other investment projects will be open at the end of this year, other projects will be in the first half of next year public investment.
According to statistics, Sichuan traffic has invested five yuan over consecutive years, the total investment will be completed during the period of more than $600 billion in 12th Five-Year, ranking first in the country. "13th Five-Year" period, the Sichuan traffic will still maintain an annual investment of more than 100 billion yuan, the annual investment of 50 billion yuan of highway, 500 km of new construction, completed 400 kilometers, by 2020, the traffic mileage exceeded 8000 kilometers, built in the construction mileage of 10000 km.