Notice on company LOGO change

2016-08-04 11:10:21
Dear customers and partners:
    First of all, thank you for your continued support of Zhibo company!
    In order to further enhance the company´s international image, shaping the industry brand, improve brand influence and competitiveness, the company has changed the original LOGO, with immediate effect since the new LOGO logo officially enabled.
    The graphical part of the new LOGO still takes the capital letter Z as the prototype, which is changed from the original line type structure into the block type structure. The main color from the original blue into blue and orange combination. Blue which is slightly deeper than the original blue, more heavy. Orange part of the new LOGO called the most eye-catching place, so that the formal LOGO more colorful, vibrant, while its identifiability is also greatly enhanced.      The text of the new LOGO is changed, the redesign of the font, the whole LOGO looks more tough and full of heavy sense.     Overall, the new LOGO more identifiable, while increasing the industrial implication continuously vigorous vitality, reflecting the company´s continuous improvement, innovation, create brilliant determination! It indicates that the Union will continue to Zhibo toward the "NDT leading enterprises" vision forward!
    With immediate effect the company´s official website, product appearance and technical information, employee name cards, promotional materials and other companies LOGO occasions will continue to replace the use of new LOGO, the original LOGO and new LOGO equivalent. The inconvenience caused, please understand!